Dear Sir or Madam,

We are pleased to welcome you on the website of professional music school Little Music Academy. In response to the huge interest in musical education, which strongly influences personality, we decided to meet those who expect professionalism from the music school expressed in the highest level of education and an individual approach to students wanting to enrich they music knowledge and skills.


What distinguishes our school from others of its kind, is the level of education of our staff, who are happy to share their knowledge and skills. We put emphasis on the fact that our teachers were practicing musicians with rich experience and professional content preparation.


Graduates of music academies, who hold diplomas, among others, Music University of Frederic Chopin lead courses such as piano, classical singing, singing entertainment, violin, guitar, vocal ensembles, musical training, the rhythm for the youngest and ear training. The extensive range of Little Music Academy  will also be enriched soon with dance classes and other physical activities. Both the young and the adult music lovers will find something for themselves.


We hope that carefully chosen locations of our school and competitive prices combined with high quality education, will encourage you to join the individual or group classes of your choice

" It is never too late for an adventure with the music, but the sooner the better."

Chopinist Janusz Olejniczak


with Kind Regards,

Little Music Academy Founders
Agata Lewandowska, MA Magda Lewandowska, MA





Auditions are scheduled individually. Please contact the secretariat.

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Mała Akademia Muzyczna

Jabłonna ul. Zegrzyńska 8 (vis a vis Kauflandu i Obi)

Sekretariat: (22) 666 34 18

Kom. 661 629 116

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Oddział w Wilanowie

Tel. (22)  666 34 18

Kom. 661 629 116


Tel: 661 629 116

Mała Akademia

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Mgr sztuki Agata Lewandowska -fortepian , śpiew solowy

Mgr sztuki Magda Lewandowska - fortepian, śpiew solowy

Mgr sztuki  Agata Świerczewska - śpiew rozrywkowy , zespoły wokalne , fortepian

Mgr sztuki Maria Skarbek - Kiełczewska - skrzypce

Mgr sztuki Bogdan Roszczyk - gitara klasyczna , gitara elektryczna

Mgr sztuki Anna Trzaskowska - śpiew

Mgr sztuki Roman Protasiuk - skrzypce